KCI CHURCH,SEATTLE 9656 Waters Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98118

Church Council


  1. Chairman – Joseph Gichuhi Karanja
  2. Vice Chairman – Moses Kabui
  3. Secretary – Agnes Gathuka
  4. Vice Secretary – Betha Njuguna
  5. Treasurer – Tony Mukundi
  6. Vice Treasurer – David Kabugi
  7. Church School Representative – Wilson Mwangi
  8. Music & Media Ministry Representative – John Njoroge
  9. Women's Ministry Chairperson – Nancy Gichuhi
  10. Men's Ministry Chairperson – Pastor Joseph Njuguna
  11. Youth & VUKA Ministry Chairperson – Isaac Njuguna
  12. Missions Ministry Representative – Joseph Karanja
  13. Building & Property Ministry Representative – Edgar Kanjabi
  14. Organizing Secretary – Keziah Koigi
  15. Communication Representative – Ruth Njoroge
  16. Elder at Large – Joyce Kirangi

This is the principal administrative body of the church per the church constitution. It is constituted of 'officers elected by the congregation as well as the Pastor and Elder at Large. They meet two times a month. All leaders of the principal church ministries make up the church council.

They are guided by Biblical principles, the Constitution and the Church By-Laws.

Please visit with any of them if you have a concern.

Their contacts are posted on the weekly church bulletin.


Tel: 253-392-2960.

Email: kencomchurchseattle@kencomseattle.org