Women's Fellowship

MISSION STATEMENT: To develop and promote women who love and fear God (Psalms 118:8 and Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14)

PURPOSE: To support women in their Christian walk and development toward spiritual maturity. Women will be challenged through Bible study, prayer meetings, times of fellows hip and Church Services. This ministry is designed to develop productive relationships between Christian men (young & older), both within and outside of the KCIC family.

VISION: To develop a ministry which addresses the fellowship needs of women at KCIC, identify service opportunities, and encourage KCIC women to support church ministries.


1. Express the Biblical principle and verses that form our ideal and actions.
2. Plan, promote and conduct women's Ministry Meetings.
3. To pray and lead others to pray for the Will of God.
4. Organize the ministry and conduct activities and meetings to keep the women in harmony with the Will and Spirit of the Church of Jesus Christ.
5. Effectively identify and plan activities and classes that will strengthen the women's relationship with Jesus Christ, and help them identify and proceed in the direction in which He is leading.
6. Train and instruct the women's Ministry Leaders.
7. Organize the men in the women's Ministry and KCIC, and instruct and promote active participation in other KCIC Ministries and Functions;



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